Cozy Creek Cottage

Contact Information:
Jennifer and David McMillan:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What should I bring?

The home is fully equipped. You may want to bring charcoal, if you plan to cook on the grill. You may want to bring marshmallows if you plan to use the outdoor fireplace. Water shoes / Fishing rods for the creek. Paper products (paper towels and toilet paper).

What can you tell me about the town and its people?

Elysburg is a small coal mining town. The people are friendly and nice. You will see much evidence of the towns deep rooted Patriotism and Christian values. They have huge celebrations for those serving and those who have served.  The people take great pride in their high school football teams and there seems to be a lot of Penn State fans in the area.  Originally settled by mostly Polish, Germans and Czechs. During your visit, you may see a lot of pirogies, kielbasi, haluskie, and polka bands both in the park, in the markets and all around town. Yummy!  This is a lovely place to bring your children.

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